Detailed Biography

Name: Adel S. El-Beltagy
Date of Birth: February 26, 1944
Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt
Marital Status: Married, three children
Address: 19 Abu El-Feda St., Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt
Mobile: +20-12-22100511 Fax: +20-227370037


1960 - 1965             BSc. College of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
1966 - 1968             MSc. College of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
1970 - 1974             PhD. University of Wales, United Kingdom.


  • British Plant Growth Regulator Group (Founding Member). 
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). 
  • International Plant Growth Substances Association. 
  • Federation of European Societies of Plant Physiology. 
  • International Society of Horticultural Science. 
  • Society for Experimental Biology, U.K. 
  • Egyptian Society for Horticultural Science 
  • World Water Council (WWC) 
  • Arab Water Council 
  • International Water Resources Association (IWRA)


  • The Human Foundation Board Member (2011-Present) 
  • Member of Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (2001 – Present)


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  • Desert Development & Arid Land Agriculture. 
  • Integrated Natural Resource Management.


Stress Physiology / Adaptive Mechanisms with reference to the role of plant hormones in the adaptive process.


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  1. Established the Arid Land Agriculture Lab. at Ain Shams University (1979).
  2. Represented the Egyptian Government in the filed of Agriculture at International and Regional Organizations (1985-1995). 
  3. Vice Chairman, Tropical and Subtropical Committee (North Africa) International Horticultural Society. (1986 - 1990).
  4. Established the Central Lab of Agricultural Expert Systems (CLAES) in 1987.
  5. Established the National Protected Agriculture Committee in 1987 with members of the committees in different domains related to protected agriculture. The outcome of the 66 training programs between 1988 to 2002 is the graduation of 1990 expert specialized in protected agriculture technology, they played major role in advancing protected agriculture in Egypt and many other Arab Countries.
  6. Secretary General, International Desert Development Commission (1987-1995). 
  7. Member, Agricultural Council for Land Reclamation, Egyptian Academy of Science (1987 - 1995).
  8. As Under Secretary and First Undersecretary of State for Land Reclamation: (1987-1991)
    • Responsible for overseeing and following up the activities of the major institutions in Ministry of Land Reclamation including:  
      • GARPAD (General Authority for Rehabilitation Projects & Agricultural Development). 
      • PSAAD (Public Sector Authority for Agriculture Development).
      • DRC (Desert Research Center).
    • Supervised the Project Preparation Unit (PPU) and the Information & Documentation Center (IDC) activities including designing future projects in land reclamation.
    • Chairman of the National Committee formed at the Minister's Office for Land Reclamation to redraw the initial Land Master Plan (LMP) maps, including land available for reclamation in each Governorate to enhance private sector investments (1988 - 1989).
    • Initiated and coordinated the establishment of several land reclamation projects within the framework of the cooperation program with the Italian Government (approved level of funding 70 million US$).
    • Led the negotiation of a proposal for the development of 215,000 acres in the North Coast of Egypt with Abou-Dhabi Fund (approved level of funding 65 million US$).
    • Led the Negotiation with the European Investment Bank for a 40,000 acre Land Reclamation Project (Approved Level of funding 35 million ECU).
    • Initiated a program to support the Young Graduates Project based on protected agriculture in newly reclaimed lands. The main components of this project were the R&D unit for Protected Agriculture, Central Nursery, Mechanization Center and Credit Line. The approved level of funding:
      •  France, 20 million L.E. credit line (Revolving Fund), 10 million F.Francs + 7 million L.E. (R & D Greenhouse).
      • EEC, 8.5 million L.E., Greenhouse construction.
  1. Established and directed activities of the MIS, Microfilm and Computer Training Unit. A Central Support Facility for Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (Funded by the World Bank), (1987). 
  2. Chair of the team for developing North Sinai Development Project, (World Bank project). This effort produced an 18 volume study on suggested land use for 400,000 Fadden. (Estimated total funding requirement 1.45 billion Egyptian Pounds/2 50 million US$).

  3.  As Supervisor of the Under Secretary for Foreign Agricultural Relations (1988-1991): 
    • Initiated coordinated, and followed up on worldwide agricultural activities between the Institutes of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation and the International Agricultural Community.
    • Acted as focal and contact point between the sector of Agriculture and Land Reclamation with International Organizations (i.e. FAO, World Bank, WFP/WFC and UNDP). 
    • Supervised and coordinated the activities of the Egyptian Documentation and Information Center for Agriculture (EDICA). This center is a computer Information Network System for the retrieval, compilation and dissemination of scientific information from different databases (i.e. AGRIS, CAB, AGRICOLA, BIOSIS) via the BRS & DIALOG systems.
  1.  As Supervisor General for the Egyptian International Center for Agriculture (1988-1991).
    • Coordinated training & scholarship programs in different Agricultural fields for trainees from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arab World (approx, 1000 trainees/year).
  1.  Chairman, Executive Board, Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD). Arab League, (1989 - 1994).
  2.  Established the National Agricultural Genetic Engineering Laboratory (NAGEL) in 1989, which was renamed in 1992 as Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research institute (AGERI)
  3. Member, National Committee for Renewable Energy, chaired by the Minister of Energy-Egypt (1990-1995). 
  4. Co-Chairman, Government of Egypt led mission with World Bank, UNDP, FAO, UNEP and World Food Program, to develop "An Agricultural Strategy for 1990's". Document of the World Bank. Report No. 11083-EGT-September 1992. 
  5. Member, Research Council, Cairo University (1991 - 1995). 
  6. Member, Board of Academy of Scientific Research and Technology - Egypt (1991 - 1995). 
  7. Member, International Board for Sahara and Sahel Observatory, Paris, France, (1991 - 1994). 

  8. As Director General for the Agricultural Research Center (1991-1993): 
My goals as Director for the Agricultural Research Center have been: to provide an enabling research environment, especially for junior research workers; to modernize the physical infrastructure and optimize the capabilities of the existing human resources; to restructure the ARC toward on interdisciplinary and interdepartmental approach to creating the 5 Year Plan instead of the isolated project method used in the two previous 5 Year Plans; to find means and ways of sustainable funding for research from local resources; to optimize the efficiency of utilization of grants from donor countries and to maximize interlinking with international agricultural research centers for exchange of information, material and human resources. Towards these objectives the following activities have been accomplished to date:
  • Eighteen research programs were developed based on a demand driven, problem solving approach which was interdisciplinary and interinstitutional in nature. These programs catered to the constraints facing agricultural development in Egypt, including crop, fish and animal production. This has involved the participation of 16 Research Institutes, 7 Central Laboratories and 37 Experiment Stations, and a total of 4,000 researchers of whom 2,052 are Ph. Ds.
  • The establishment of 4 regional Agroecological Zones and the Regional Research and Extension council to implement activities in each zone. The regional councils consists of the Agricultural Research Center with its 37 nationwide research stations, the Desert Research Center, the Water Research Center and 14 College of Agriculture, 7 Veterinary Schools and the Agricultural Division of the National Research Center. The objective of this council is to implement the 18 national research programs and to enhance appropriate technology transfer to meet the needs of agricultural development in each region.
  • Establishment of the Research Support Fund at the ARC Funding sources include levies on given crops and a percentage income of special environmental units andeconomical units in the Ministry including Aquaculture, Serum and Vaccine, Tissue Culture, Soil Water and Plant Analysis, etc. Donations and grants from individuals, organizations and international parties are also included. These funds are being used to support proposals from junior researchers, international publications, physical infrastructure, books and participation in national and international conferences. The interest generated from an endowment is used to support these activities while the economic base will be enriched over time.
  • Enhancement & establishment of a Collaborative Research Program and Training Agreement between ARC and USA, Finland, Canada, Italy, France, China, Chile, Germany, commonwealth countries and International Organizations.
  1. Member, Committee on Agricultural Research, Egyptian supreme Council of Universities, chaired by the Minister of Education (1992-1993). 
  2. Member of the External Evaluation Panel for ICARDA, 21/1 to 9/2/1993 and 22/4 to 9/5/1993. 
  3. Elected as President for the Scientific Technical Council of the International Sahel and Sahara Observatory (SSO) (1993 - 2002). 
  4. Chair, CDC Task-Force for Central Asia and the Caucasus of Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA) (1999-2006) 
  5. Chair of the Center Directors Committee (CDC) Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) steering committee, CGIAR (2003-2005) 
  6. Member of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Board (2004-2005) 
  7. Member of High-Level Committee of MDGs, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) (2006 – 2011) 
  8. Member of the steering committee of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Change Management Initiative (2007 – 2008) 
  9. Chair of the Steering Committee of the Global Consortium to Re-build Agriculture in Afghanistan (2002 - 2006)
  10. Member of the Steering Committee of Arabic Encyclopaedia Of Life (AEOL) Project. 
  11. Developed and supervised multidisciplinary, experimental research projects in plant stress physiology.
  12. Supervised post graduate Masters (17) and Doctoral (16) theses research in plant stress physiology at Ain Shams University. 
  13. Taught numerous University courses at the Graduate and Undergraduate levels. 
  14. Organized and hosted International Conferences. 
  15. Coordinated Mega-Research and Development programs connected with Ain Shams University and the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Egypt.
  16. Author of more than 180 scientific publications in Egyptian and International Journals.


Period Research / Project Role
1977-1987 Egyptian Norwegian Tomato Project (EGNO). Funded by NORAD, Norway and Ain Shams University. Principle Investigator
1982-1987 New Crops for Arid Land: National Academy of Science (USA) & Egyptian Academy of Science. Project funded by USAID Steering Committee Member, Principal Investigator
1982-1990 Cooperative Arid Land Agriculture Research Program (CALAR), supported by USAID Egyptian General Coordinator, Principal Investigator
1987-1991 Agricultural Development Project in Fayoum. Supported by IFAD and executed by World Bank Chairman, Coordinating Committee Member
1987-1992 Protected Cultivation Project, Funded by UNDP - FAO National Project Coordinator
1988-1994  Joint Research and Development Project on Composite Water holding substances for Arid Land. Japan Desert Development Institute. R&D project funded by Desert Development Institute of Japan Supervisor
1989-1994 Expert Systems for Improved Crop Management Project. Funded by UNDP - FAO National Project Coordinator
1989-1994 Urban Encroachment Project. National Technical Committee (Ministry of Agriculture, Universities, Institutes and Research Centers). Revised and prepared up-to-date maps (1:2500) from aerial photographs in cooperation with the Egyptian Survey Authority for MOALR planing Supervisor, Coordinator
1989-1994  Joint Committee for Remote Sensing for Agriculture and Land Reclamation with members from the Soil and Water Research Institute (ARC), and the Remote Sensing Unit and Desert Research Center (DRC) within MOALR. Funded by UNDP - CIDA - France Coordinator, Chairman, Egyptian Steering Committee Member
1990-2000 Integrated Agriculture Development Project. Maryut Agro-Industrial Complex, supported by USAID. Steering Committee Member, General Coordinator
1990-1995 Desert Greenhouse Research Program (CALAR II), supported by USAID General Coordinator
1990-1995 National Agricultural Genetic Engineering Lab. (NAGEL). Financed by UNDP National Project Coordinator
1990-1995 National Agricultural Research Project (NARP), Agricultural Research Center, MOALR. A USAID Funded Project, with a budget of 205 million US$ and 250 million LE, established to enhance the capabilities of the ARC by improving human and physical infrastructural resources. This project has allowed the ARC to become closely linked with Egyptian Universities, with the National Research Center and with the Central Administration for Agricultural Extension services. Ties with U.S agricultural scientists in the USDA and in universities have been strengthened as a direct result of aspects of NARP, including Collaborative Grants, Collaborative Research Support Programs (RSP), New Initiatives, and Training in Egypt. Collaborative grants, amounting to 21 million US$, have emphasized up-to-date research efforts including the use of genetic engineering as a tool, integrated pest management, biocontrol, water use efficiency, irrigation technology, computer expert systems, remote sensing and post harvest technology among many other topics. These efforts have resulted in improved fertilization and irrigation, and increased productivity to continue to meet Egypt's most critical agricultural research challenges. New initiatives funding has reached 19 million US$ and has been designed to bring developed technologies to Egypt for adoption into the food production system. These technologies include research programs in aquaculture, biotechnology and recombination DNA and Vaccine production. NARP out of country training has placed almost 1300 people in education and research institutions in the U.S and other countries for Post Doctoral, PhD, and Masters level work as well as for short term experiences and professional scientific exchange Director General
1991-1993 Egyptian-Finnish Project for Agricultural Development (Phase I), Supported by Finida. Chairman of the Egyptian Steering Committee
1991-1993 Regional Program for Nile Valley. Regional ( Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan) activity coordinated by the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Area (ICARDA) Chairman, Egyptian Steering Committee Member
2009-2011 Chairman of the team to develop Sustainable Agricultural Development Strategy in Egypt (2030) and the Business Plan (2017) Chairman


The following list represents countries of cooperation and official visits:
America United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador
Africa Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Angola, Cameroon, Republic of Burundi, Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Muzambique, South Africa
Asia China, India, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan , Singapore
Central Asia and Caucasus (CAC) Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia
Europe France, Germany, Holland, Norway, United Kingdom, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Portugal, Switzerland, Albania, Iceland, Hungary, Ukraine
Mediterranean Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta
Middle East Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain.


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